Sonic-FX Solo


Sonic technology and proprietary brush heads combine to give you whiter teeth, healthier gums, a cleaner, fresher mouth, and superior plaque removal. The Sonic-FX Solo toothbrush is capable of over 33,000 strokes per minute, is ultra-lightweight, and is rechargeable. It has twist-and-lock brush heads for quick and convenient changing, and 3 different speed modes. The intelligent timer has a 2-minute shut-off to ensure optimal brushing time is reached.

In addition to 2 brush heads, the Sonic-FX Solo comes with 1 interdental head, designed to clean hard-to-reach spots. The interdental head helps prevent gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth.

Choose from White, Black, or Coral & Black.


1 sonic toothbrush
2 brush heads
1 interdental head
1 power supply
1 set of instructions